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The ultimate tool for startups to refine their game plan and entice investors

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The best way to refine your goals and set objectives for success


Build your plan in one place

Unleash your potential with Empiraa’s Strategy Designer. It is your canvas to design the pillars of your startup, and lay the groundwork of an unshakeable business plan. Enjoy a seamless experience that transforms complexity into simplicity, paving the way for a powerful game plan centralised in your myHub dashboard.

With the Strategy Designer, you’re not just designing – you’re building the future of your startup.


Break down those lofty goals

Empiraa will keep you on track and focused on what matters. Too often Founders get pulled in so many directions that you lose track of your North Star.

Create your core pillars of focus and then break them down into actionable objectives and tasks that are simple and achievable. This removes the stress and uncertainty when you are not sure where to go next. Empiraa keeps you accountable to the game plan.


Track your progress live

Keep accountable to your plan by checking in regularly. Monitor how you’re tracking against your OKRs and KPIs by inputting data regularly.

Seamlessly integrate Empiraa with your existing tech stack for a living, breathing plan that reflects your startup’s real-time performance. With Empiraa’s no-code integrations, you’re not just planning – you’re synchronizing your entire business ecosystem for future success.


Demonstrate your growth

In just one glance potential investors can see where you have come from, where you are and where you are going in Empiraa.

The user-friendly interface is a great way of demonstrating your growth potential and how far you have already come. Show off your discipline and commitment to your vision with a structured game plan that will be sure to put you at a competitive advantage for gaining funding and building your startup successfully.

Did someone say features?
We've got the ones that matter

Unlock your business’s full potential with Empiraa’s intelligent planning engine, collaborative workspace, and performance analytics. Drive strategic alignment, enhance collaboration, and make data-driven decisions for lasting business success.

Create Vision
Get your business game plan front of mind for everyone. Say goodbye to lost strategy documents forever. Keep the plan front of mind for the whole team with Empiraa’s myHub page, clearly showing how you are progressing toward your goals at all times. A simple interface, in a central place, never to be lost again!
empiraa myhub
Measurable Data
Get current data that tells you where you're at in a glance. Static plans be gone! No longer worry about how you’re tracking with your planning. In seconds you can see how the team is tracking towards your goals with easy to read live data that can be enhanced through our API integration. Make timely and accurate decisions when you are empowered with the information.
how to enter data into empiraa
Bring collaboration back to your business planning. Business planning no longer needs to sit with just the founder and leadership team. Now you can empower your whole team to contribute to the business vision and give them a better understanding of your ‘why’. Use the built-in chat features and assign your team their own objectives to contribute to the organization’s pillars.
Automate data flows with the EmpiraAPI. Don’t spend time manually entering your data for your game plan. Save hundreds of hours by connecting your favorite apps to the EmpiraAPI. Enable automatic data flows from your most used programs to keep your plans up-to-date and accurate. Monitor your progress in real-time and keep aligned with your goals.
AI technology
Enhance your planning potential with AI technology. Need help with knowing how to breakdown your objectives into actionable tasks? Or maybe need some inspiration for a vision statement? Streamline the brainstorming process for your game plan with AI assistance. Level up your business planning and take inspiration from industry-specific suggestions powered by OpenAI.
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how to enter data into empiraa

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