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Businesses often grapple with developing and executing profitable strategies amid growth and new challenges. Empiraa simplifies this process, empowering teams to consistently construct and implement successful game plans.

Ash Brown talk about his business planning app to customers

How it started

Business planning or business strategy is an integral part of any company and something most have in some shape or form. It answers the critical questions of ‘who are we and where are we going?’. So it’s a no-brainer that any successful business needs a clear business plan.

But time and again, companies discuss their plan forward and it doesn’t go any further. Hard work on understanding the business direction is left to a spreadsheet that is only looked at annually.

Our Founder Ash Brown knew “there had to be a better way”. After looking for a solution that allowed you to plan a business’s direction forward, set long-term goals and then break those goals into actionable items, he drew a blank, none of the solutions out there solved this problem.

And so Empiraa was born, a business game-planning platform that gives businesses the tools to execute their strategies successfully.

How it's going

Empiraa launched to the public in June 2022 and since then have experienced substantial traction to date,  validating our assumption that this type of solution is needed for businesses. We’ve onboarded hundreds of companies worldwide and continue to build strategic partnerships with advisors and consultants.

In that time our team has grown significantly with employees across three different continents. Its fair to say the “Empiraa Effect” has taken hold and the ball is officially rolling.

Ash Brown talking to Jules Lund on Disrupt Radio about plan management software, Empiraa

Who is Empiraa?

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Ash Brown

Founder & CEO

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Ashley McVea

Head of marketing

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Dean Zanforlin

gm - growth & customer success

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Romel Cruz

full stack developer


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Madelyn Martin-Brown


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