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Empiraa exits to solve the problem of disconnected business strategies. We are finally closing the gap between planning and execution with a simple, jargon free platform that enriches your business and keeps everyone accountable.

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Our Strategy

Our Vision

Empiraa’s goal is to empower startups and SMBs worldwide with simple business planning tools, provide outstanding value to our users, and foster a dynamic work environment. Our aspiration by 2025 is to be the top global provider of business planning platforms, achieved through ongoing innovation and active user involvement.

Our Core Values
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mamba mentality

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be different

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bet on people

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be helpful

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casual but serious

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1:3:3 rule

Ash Brown headshot

Ash Brown

Founder & CEO

+61 400 764 687

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Ashley McVea

Head of marketing

+61 447 732 016

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Romel Cruz

full stack developer



Swati Pimpale

fRONT END developer


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