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Empiraa keeps your whole business accountable to your strategy while increasing efficiencies and savings.

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Sick of your strategy going nowhere on those static spreadsheets, never to be looked at after your initial planning work?

Empiraa centralizes your strategy in a live platform that gives you peace of mind about where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

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It’s as simple as spreadsheets, more targeted than project management tools and mightier than the big platforms out there.
Bryan Williams | Founder & CEO Hockeystick Advisory

Empiraa in a nutshell

74% of people are unhappy with the level of visibility they have over their business. Empiraa gives your whole organization visibility of the plan so everyone can work towards your shared goals and vision.
A screenshot of Empiraa showing the collaboration of the platform
A screenshot of the Empiraa platform showing how you can break down goals
Long term business goals feel too hard and far away to achieve. Simply break down those goals into smaller objectives that you can delegate to your people and start seeing those dreams turn into reality.

Discover how we help you create a clear, actionable strategy that keeps you focused and stress-free.


Powerful features to supercharge your productivity

Designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes

1,000+ professional businesses of all types — startups, small-medium, consultants, advisors, franchises — trust Empiraa as their strategy execution tool. Get time back in your day to focus on what really matters!

Transition your strategy faster with our full implementation service

Let us take care of building your plan and onboarding your people with this add-on service. Get time back in your day to focus on reaching your goals.

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