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Have clarity over your franchisees with the #1 Strategic Planning and Goal Tracking Platform. Get immediate and up to date visibility of progress for your company wide goals.

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Enhance consistency and brand alignment

Enhanced Consistency

Empiraa helps franchisors keep track of their progress in a straightforward way. By looking at data across the whole franchise, they can spot trends and performance metrics, find growth opportunities, and make well-informed decisions.

Streamlined communication and collaboration

Streamlined Communication

Empiraa includes a built-in communication and collaboration feature, making it easy for franchisors and franchisees to share information and work together. This helps create a strong sense of community and teamwork among franchisees.

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Performance Monitoring

Empiraa lets franchisors track the performance of each franchise unit in real-time. With key metrics like OKRs and KPIs, franchisors can spot which units are doing great and which ones need a little help. This data-driven approach helps give targeted support.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Empiraa gives franchisors powerful visibility for making smart, data-driven decisions. By analyzing franchise-wide data, trends, and performance metrics, franchisors can spot growth opportunities and anticipate market changes.

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Scalability Support

Empiraa’s scalable platform helps franchisors manage and grow their franchise network. They can easily onboard new franchisees, replicate successful processes and strategies, and maintain consistent brand standards across all locations.

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Keep on track of deadlines

Empiraa keeps everyone on track with reminders to input data and check in regularly. Franchisors can trust the platform to keep teams accountable. The traffic light system on the myHub dashboard provides a quick pulse check at a glance.

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