Hear what our customers think

Empiraa has allowed me to check in with my clients on regular basis to ensure they are following through on their action items. Because it's a cloud-based platform, it means there are no excuses like before with losing the spreadsheet and therefore not following through. My clients have noticed higher productivity levels in their business as well as better clarity on what really matters. It enables them to revert important decision making back to whether it resonates with the business goals and gets them closer to their vision.

Mark S.

Not only does Empiraa allow me to create multiple levels of objectives and tasks that contribute to the business's pillars, but it makes my life a thousand times easier when it comes to yearly performance reviews. Provided my staff regularly enter data for their assigned objectives, we can easily see their performance over a time period. The platform is really easy to use and simple to see with the traffic light style colors to indicate performance. I haven’t come across a tool like it, that combines simplicity while providing lots of value.

Sam C.