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Align your strategic goals to your daily operations

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The current problem with strategic planning for mid market businesses

Managing growth effectively

Balancing resource allocation, preserving company culture, scaling operations and securing market positioning in a fine balancing act for growing businesses.

Remaining agile & adaptable

Businesses need their strategic plan to be flexible enough to adjust with the market and yet are stuck with archaic programs that don't allow for this.

Talent acquision and retention

Businesses are struggling to compete against large organisations for good talent. Retention is more important than ever and that starts with company culture.

Leveraging new technology

Mid market businesses need to keep up with new technologies that will allow them to scale and streamline operations with their growth.

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Empiraa is your centralized platform for strategic management that involves the entire organization and allows you to manage goals both big and small.

The dynamic environment of Empiraa allows you to continuosuly monitor and update your plans asrequired, allowing for faster strategic pivots.

The collaborative nature of Empiraa fosters increased productivity and employee engagement leading to higher retention.

Utilize Empiraa's OpenAPI to integrate with your favourite platforms and automate data flow. The next level of strategy execution is here.

Empiraa is the solution to these issues

Unlike project management tools, Empiraa creates vision across your business so you can see what is and isn't working.

Feel good knowing where you're going

With Empiraa, you can keep you strategic plan in one dynamic, cloud-based environment, never to be lost on a spreadsheet again! Get everyone in your business across the goals and priorities, so you can all work together to achieve them. Everyone is on the same page with Empiraa; with clarity at the centre of your plan and business.

Be confident in how you're tracking

Empiraa makes tracking your progress simple and quick. You can see how each of your objectives are tracking in one glance. Integrate your Empiraa plan with over 6000 platforms and automate data so that your plan can be used as the single source of truth. With live progress you can make quick decisions and approach issues head on.

Look forward to executing your goals

Ideas aren't worth much if they're not executed. The planning is the easy part, actually reaching the goals is the hard part.
Some business goals are really big and span years. Empiraa makes it simple to break down those goals into objectives, and then further into actions that are small and achievable.

The challenges facing businesses in 2024

Based on Empiraa's 2023 Market Research into the Challenges of SMBs
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of people are happy with the level of visibility they have over their business.


of business owners say unforeseen market changes are the biggest challenge in planning.


of businesses are actively trying to improve company culture and another 28% are having conversations about it.

Features that make a real difference


Powerful features to supercharge your productivity

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