Stop using static documents to develop your clients plans

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Discover how Empiraa transforms your client engagement with real-time progress tracking and dynamic planning in a simple platform.
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"Empiraa really helps our planning and advisory work come to life with our clients. It is so simple to engage our client's with our plans and have a platform that allows us to review their plans in live time with little effort is a true game changer."

Tired of the endless cycle of manual updates and static planning documents?

Spreadsheet documents

You're getting lost in the number of versions of your strategy spreadsheet and keep missing important emails lost to your inbox.

Follow up

You spend more time following up with your clients to see how they are doing against their action items, than putting time into building their future success.


No one knows who is responsible for what action items, so everyone feels disconnected from the plan and have nothing to keep them accountable.

Imagine a world where every client meeting starts with clear progress insights and ends with actionable next steps. With Empiraa, that world is your reality.

How much more could you achieve if manual data entry and fragmented planning were a thing of the past?

Boost client engagement by 33%

Make your work have a greater impact for your clients. Empiraa allows advisors to make a real difference to their clients business, with a software that centralizes planning and gives you real data to make informed decisions. Your clients will see real change in their business success increasing their trust in your services.

Enhance your capacity and increase output

Empiraa's efficient platform allows advisors to work with more clients, significantly increasing capacity without compromising the quality of service.
Our full service offering takes the pain out of implementation and gives you the time back in your day to focus on execution.

Get full vision over your clients progress.

Empiraa allows you to have full visibility over your clients plans with dedicated portals giving you a snapshot of how each of your clients are tracking.
Your visibility of the plan keeps clients even more accountable to hitting their KPIs and OKRs.

Integrate Empiraa to work with your favorite platforms

Reduce the double-handling of data and connect Empiraa to 5000+ apps

Features that make a real difference


Powerful features to supercharge your productivity

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Transition your strategy faster with our full implementation service

Let us take care of building your plan and onboarding your people with this add-on service. Get time back in your day to focus on reaching your goals.

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Empiraa is your tool for redefining client success.