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"Empiraa really helps our planning and advisory work come to life with our clients. It is so simple to engage our client's with our plans and have a platform that allows us to review their plans in live time with little effort is a true game changer."
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The old way

Advisory has always been about working with your clients to get them from point A to point B. Advisory used to look like:

  • Sharing written or Word documents with the plan of attack
  • Using catchup meetings to go over the past time frame
  • Not having any clarity over how your client is tracking
  • Lack of accountability for clients
  • Deadlines pushed and KPI's not met
  • A lot of manual following up for you
Uses these apps:
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The Empiraa way

Empiraa is the revolutionary platform you have been looking for to elevate your advisory work to the next level. With Empiraa you can:

  • Have a centralized plan that is up-to-date with client progress
  • Use catchups to focus solely on the next period of time
  • See all your clients progress in one dashboard
  • Create more billable hours for your business
  • Set an action plan on how your client is going to hit their KPIs
  • Create accountability for your client
  • Go into those client catchups with the next plan of attack
Use this app:
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70% of businesses struggle with staying accountable to their plans. Empower your clients with a platform that gives them their path to success
*Based on our 2023 market research

Reduce the double-handling of data and connect Empiraa to 6000+ apps

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Powerful features to supercharge your productivity

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Boost client engagement by 33%

Make your work have a greater impact for your clients. Empiraa allows advisors to make a real difference to their clients business, with a software that centralizes planning and gives you real data to make informed decisions. Your clients will see real change in their business success increasing their trust in your services.

Enhance your capacity and increase output

Empiraa's efficient platform allows advisors to work with more clients, significantly increasing capacity without compromising the quality of service.
Our full service offering takes the pain out of implementation and gives you the time back in your day to focus on execution.

Get full vision over your clients progress.

Empiraa allows you to have full visibility over your clients plans with dedicated portals giving you a snapshot of how each of your clients are tracking.
Your visibility of the plan keeps clients even more accountable to hitting their KPIs and OKRs.

Advisor Plan

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  • Up to 5 client accounts
  • Each account includes 5 users
  • 5 goals per company
  • 30 day free trial

Add-on features

  • Additional accounts + users
  • Implementation service
  • Integrations
  • Daily API calls
  • Training

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