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Empiraa Full Service for Advisors and Consultants

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Takes the hassle out of new software integration for you and your clients, with an end-to-end solution in Empiraa. Let us set up and roll out your existing plans, and get the time back in your day to focus on the work that matters.
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Full onboarding and training

With out full service model you get access to top-tier customer support to hold your hand through the whole onboarding process. We train you and your people up on the platform and take that hassle off your hands, giving you more time to focus on work that matters.

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Plan transitions & roll out

The full service model means that we will take your existing strategies and build out your Empiraa plan. This saves you a tonne of time manually getting everything set up, which naturally happens when you adopt a new piece of tech.

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Dedicated Customer Support

You will have your own dedicated Customer Success Manager to help with any technical issues or to help get integrations set up. This means time back in your day to focus on the work that matters.

The full service solution includes:

  • The full Empiraa platform
  • Unlimited users
  • Full plan transition and roll out
  • Full training and and onboarding for your clients
  • Your own dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Partner portals to view all your clients progress
  • Plan templates
  • Integrations
  • Co-Branded platform
  • Implementation Manager
  • All for an additional cost. Chat with us to discuss more.

How it works

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Week 1: 
Setup Phase

Plans Upload: Upload initial plans provided by you.
Plan Conversion: We convert your plan and upload into Empiraa.
List of Integrations: Identify and list all necessary integrations specific to your needs.

Week 2: 
Integration and Training

Workspace Prep: Upload business plans into Empiraa workspace.
myHub Setup: Configure myHub for team management in Empiraa.
Tech Integration: Integrate plans with existing tech seamlessly.
Training: Begin team training on Empiraa's tools and platform.

Week 3: 
Testing and Branding

Plan Testing: Ensure that the uploaded plans accurately reflect the original plans provided by you.
Integration Testing: Test all integrations for functionality and compatibility.
Branding Setup: Implement your branding within the Empiraa platform and documents.

Week 4: 

Cohort Webinars: Host webinars for different cohorts to familiarize them with the new system.
Help Desk Setup: Establish a help desk for immediate client support.
Additional Training: Provide any additional training required for specific  teams or individuals.

Ongoing Support (Post 4 Weeks)

Training Webinars: Regularly scheduled webinars for ongoing training and updates.
Dedicated Help Desk: Continuous help desk support for immediate assistance.
Account and Customer Success Management: Provide dedicated account and customer success managers for ongoing support and relationship management.
Quarterly Check-ins: QBR to ensure that Empiraa is helping your business grow.