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A centalized dashboard called myHub in Empiraa where you can see how the team is tracking their progress.

the breakdown

How Empiraa works


Create your vision

Our Strategy Designer simplifies creating your business plan with templates and AI tools for inspiration. Input your vision, values, and pillars using known metrics. The final plan is accessible in the myHub dashboard that your whole business can access.


Build out your teams objectives

Break down your company pillars by assigning objectives and actions to the relevant teams. This helps make smaller, more achievable goals. Think, dividing up your revenue target among the Sales team, with actions to reach those objectives.


Track your progress live

Keep accountable to your plan by checking in regularly. Monitor who in the team might need extra help reaching their targets or when you might need to pivot if something isn’t working.

Our API allows you to connect with thousands of your favorite everyday platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce or Xero. Automatically transfer your data live to save time and avoid human error.


Collaborate with the team

Create a sense of camaraderie amongst your teams with shared objectives. Our chat function enables you to keep conversations around the objectives central to Empiraa, without getting lost in email threads.

Our users say that the collaboration aspect of Empiraa has increased their employees' understanding of their purpose in the business. This has had a direct boost on company culture and employee engagement results.


Celebrate the wins

When your organizational pillars are met and exceeded, you will have a greater appreciation of the team effort that went into achieving them. No longer are the executive team and CEO solely responsible for your business achieving its goals.

Celebrate those who contributed to the wins!

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