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The simple, effective platform that empowers businesses

A centalized dashboard called myHub in Empiraa where you can see how the team is tracking their progress.

Reduce the double-handling of data and connect Empiraa to 6000+ apps

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Empiraa integrates with 6000+ apps

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How Empiraa works

Save time with simple implementation

Getting started with Empiraa is simple and quick. Our Strategy Designer makes it easy to take your existing plans and build them out in Empiraa. With advanced AI tools and templates to help you with inspiration, you will have a ready to action plan in no time.

Is your business short on time and resources? No worries! We have a full service implementation add-on where we build out and transition your plans for you, training all your people on how to use the platform.

Strategy Designer
Teams collaborating around the plan

Feel empowered to reach those big goals

Break down your company pillars by assigning objectives and actions to the relevant teams. This make your goals easier to achieve and less daunting.

Think, dividing up your revenue target with members of the Sales team. This gives your team the clarity they need for exactly what they are working towards and how their work impacts the business success.

Be ready to adjust course

Regularly review your plan to keep on track and monitor your progress. Our dashboards are simple to understand and see exactly which areas of your business need more attention. Staying on top of your progress means you can adjust your plans, and course correct before any damage is done.

Track progress live
Collaborate with the team with in-built chat function

Get the team spirit purring

Foster team camaraderie through shared goals and a greater understanding of how individual and team contributions benefit the business. The in-built chat function centralizes objective-focused conversations, keeping them out of email and Slack threads and on the tasks at hand.

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Empiraa is the tool to bring your business goals into reality.
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