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Empiraa combines the...

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Effectiveness of

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Power of AI

Reduce the double-handling of data and connect Empiraa to 6000+ apps

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Empiraa integrates with 6000+ apps


of people are unhappy with the level of visibility they have over their business


of business owners say unforeseen market changes is their biggest challenge


of businesses are actively talking about trying to improve company culture

Features for all business sizes

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organizational goals

Keep your businesses long term goals top of mind for your whole team to keep persepctive and give your people a constant sense of purpose.

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kpi and okr metrics

We have multiple measurement metrics built into our objective builder to be able to adapt to your businesses usual planning structures.

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live tracking

Track your progress towards your goals with simple to read dashboards that give you just the info you need. Know exactly what areas need support at a glance.

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With Empiraa's Open API, you can connect your plan with 6000+ of your favourite platforms so you can automate data to pull directly into your objectives.

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ai toolkit

We have a suite of AI tools that can give you inspiration. We're talking SWOT analysis, Product launch, HR & Marketing plans, Sales and SEO strategies.

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With an in-built chat function you can keep the whole team up-to-date with what is happening and collaborate directly within the plan.

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