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Over 1,000 companies like yours are using Empiraa to transform their business strategy from static documents to live plans that keep you on track and hitting your goals.

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Designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes

1,000+ professional businesses of all types — startups, small-medium, consultants, advisors, franchises — trust Empiraa as their strategy execution tool. Get time back in your day to focus on what really matters!

Empiraa in a nutshell

Empiraa closes the gap between your planning and execution

Too often business strategies are left as vague intentions in the mind of your leadership or stuck on static documents no one can ever find.

Empiraa keeps you and your business accountable to your plans. It's time to reach your goals and make your business better with Empiraa.

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Feel good about business

Feel good knowing where you're going

With Empiraa, you can keep you strategic plan in one dynamic, cloud-based environment, never to be lost on a spreadsheet again! Get everyone in your business across the goals and priorities, so you can all work together to achieve them. Everyone is on the same page with Empiraa; with clarity at the centre of your plan and business.

Greater visibility

Be confident in how you're tracking

Empiraa makes tracking your progress simple and quick. You can see how each of your objectives are tracking in one glance. Integrate your Empiraa plan with over 6000 platforms and automate data so that your plan can be used as the single source of truth. With live progress you can make quick decisions and approach issues head on.

Reach your goals

Look forward to executing your goals

Ideas aren't worth much if they're not executed. The planning is the easy part, actually reaching the goals is the hard part.
Some business goals are really big and span years. Empiraa makes it simple to break down those goals into objectives, and then further into actions that are small and achievable.

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Reduce the double-handling of data and connect Empiraa to 5000+ apps

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